Home Inspection Items

Knowledge you gain today can help you avoid home issues in the future.

Home Wiring

The type of wiring in residential homes generally depends on when the…

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Energy Efficient Windows

Single pane, double pane, thermo pane, triple pane windows, plain glass, leaded…

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Thinking of Stucco?

Many newer homes are now being sided with artificial stucco siding, or…

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You will spot several different types of plumbing systems in any housing…

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Lead Paint

All sellers with homes built prior to 1978 are required to fill…

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Home Insurance

When purchasing a home, you will need to acquire homeowners insurance. In…

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Insulation “R” Values

The most important thing to be aware of with insulation, other than…

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Home Heating Sources

Heating and cooling systems are some of the most important investments you’ll…

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Asbestos Concerns

Many sales agreements mention asbestos by saying “the buyer is aware asbestos…

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